Where is Sydney Dragway located?

Sydney Dragway is located on Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek, just 32 kilometres west of the CBD, 12 kilometres west of the Parramatta CBD, 18 kilometres east of Penrith, 13 kilometres north-west of Liverpool, and 6 kilometres south-west of Blacktown.

Is there public transport to the venue?

There is public transport as far as the closest train stations – Blacktown (Major Station), Doonside or Rooty Hill. From there it’s a short taxi or ride share service to the venue.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is free parking at Sydney Dragway for all events. At some events Premium Parking will be available, allowing you to park closer to the spectator viewing areas. Please note this is NOT secure parking and Sydney Dragway takes no responsibility for any vehicles or personal belongings left in vehicles.

What is the best time to come?

Different types of events and time of year determine the actual running times of the events so it is a good idea to check the website event page, or follow us  on Facebook or Instagram.

Is there reserved seating?

No. The venue is an amphitheatre-style design with excellent views from all areas. The seating is made up of a combination of grassed tiers, grassed steps and shaded grandstand seating.

Is there any shade?

Sydney Dragway is an outdoor venue however there is a section of around 5000 seats under shade sails for your convenience.

Can I bring umbrellas and shade tents?

Yes, small shade tents and umbrellas are all OK. Please be aware of the spectators around you and try not to block their view. Shade tents and umbrellas are NOT allowed in the seated areas.

Is it loud?

YES! If you don’t have your own ear plugs they can be purchased from the Sydney Dragway Merchandise shop. As well as your own ears, it is strongly recommended that children’s ears be protected. The Merchandise Shop stocks a range of specially designed ear muffs for kids.

Can I bring an esky?

Yes, you can bring your own lunch and non alcoholic drinks as long as all food and drinks are in plastic containers. all drinks must be in sealed containers when entering the venue. Sydney Dragway is a NSW Government owned sporting complex therefore no glass containers may be brought into the venue for safety reasons.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the venue. At some events, there will be a licensed bar on site.

Can I bring a BBQ?

No, there is plenty of food outlets around the venue conveniently located near the Spectator areas and the pit area.

Can I take photos/video?

Yes, hand held for personal use only, no Tri-Pods or Mono-Pods allowed. The sale of images both still and video from Sydney Dragway without permission or formal media accreditation from the venue may lead to prosecution.

Can I get into the pit area?

Absolutely! Every ticket purchased at Sydney Dragway includes a pit pass!

Can I buy a corporate box ticket on the day?

No. VIP/ corporate box tickets need to be arranged and purchased before the event, if the boxes are available for the event.

Can I race my Street Car or Bike at Sydney Dragway?

Yes, Sydney Dagway has a number of events specifically designed to cater for Street Cars and Bikes so you can test your vehicle's performance in a safe and controlled environment. These events occur every Wednesday Night (weather permitting) at Aeroflow Race 4 Real and throughout the year at Aeroflow Race 4 Real – The Sunday Sessions. There are even special Motorbike only nights - check our calendar of events for dates...

What are the guidelines for Racing and Burnouts at a Race 4 Real, Sunday Street Meet or Bike Night event. (Off Street Racing)
What Helmet can I wear to race?

Please refer to the following link for approved helmets:

Can I race if I am on my ‘L’ Plates?

No. Your “L” plate is a permit to learn to drive. It is not a driver’s licence.

Can I race if I have lost my licence?

Yes. However you must be able to prove that you have previously held a full civil licence. Our track officials need to see your cancelled licence, or copies of documents from the RMS, police or court as confirmation.

Can I have a passenger in the car while racing?

Yes, under certain rules and restrictions. Please refer to the PASSENGER REGULATIONS for more information.

Do I need a roll cage?

Refer to the Aeroflow Race 4 Real Rules and Regs for more information - found HERE

Can I race using space saver tyres/wheels?

No. Use of space saver-type tyres/wheels is not permitted.

Can I race using re-treaded tyres?

No. For all vehicles quicker than 12.50-seconds, re-treading or modification of racing tyres is prohibited.

Does my car/bike need to be street-registered to race?

No, however the vehicle must be fully roadworthy and will be inspected by our scrutineers prior to being permitted on track.

Does my car need to be street-registered to enter the burnouts?

No, however the vehicle must be fully roadworthy and will be inspected by our scrutineers prior to being permitted on track.


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